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Acrylic Adhesive  A pressure sensitive adhesive which exhibit high temperature resistance, excellent UV resistance and good aging characteristics.

Adhesive  The pressure sensitive adhesive layer applied to a tape which will hold two surfaces together

Cell  A single, small cavity which is surrounded partially or completely by walls

Centigrade  Metric scale of temperature where 0 is the freezing point of water and 100 is the boiling point.  To convert centigrade to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.9 and add 32.

Cleanroom  Room or facility in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits defined by Federal Standard 209 or ISO 14644

Closed Cell  A cell totally enclosed by its walls which does not connect with any other cells. 

Creep  A transient stress-strain condition in which the strain increases as the stress remains constant

Creep relaxation  A transient stress-strain condition in which the strain increases concurrently with the decay of stress.  (This is the most common condition existing in flat-face gasketing assemblies in which the bolt exhibits a relatively large amount of elongation.)

Elastomer  Generally a rubber-like substance which is easily deformed by force, but returns to its original shape.

Elongation  The distance a sample will stretch from its original length before breaking.  Expressed as a percentage of the original length

EPDM  Ethylene Propylene Diene Methlene Foam

Extrude  To force through a measured orifice

Flange  The rigid members of a gasketed joint that contact the edges of the gasket

Foam  A lightweight cellular material resulting from the introduction of gas bubbles into a reacting polymer

Gasket  A material, which may be clamped between faces, and acts as a static seal

Injection Molding  A molding procedure where heat softened plastic is forced into a relatively cool cavity, giving it the desired shape

Kiss Cut Refers to a die cutting method where the die stops before rupturing the liner.

Leak  The passage of matter through interfacial openings or passageways, or both, in the gasket

Open Cell  A cell not totally enclosed by its walls that interconnects with other cells.  This allows for a continuous gas pathway throughout the part.

Polyester A polymeric polyol containing ester groups in the main molecular chain or in side chains.

Polyether A polymeric polyol containing ether linkages (carbon-oxygen-carbon links) in the main molecular chain or in side chains.

Polymer An organic substance composed of repeating chemical units built up into large molecules

Polyethylene  An extruded, tough and stretch film having limited temperature resistance but good moisture barrier properties

Polyol  A key chemical in foam which helps produce the reaction that causes flexible polyurethane foam to form

Polypropylene  A polyolefin plastic similar in its properties to polyethylene but with higher temperature capability and greater strength

Rubber Based Adhesive  An adhesive made from one or more elastomers.  These adhesives are characterized by a higher quick stick and adhesion than acrylic based adhesives.  They also lack aging and weather resistance

Splicing Is used when an application requires a continuous seal

Strain  The deformation of a gasket specimen under the action of applied force or stress

Stress relaxation  A transient stress-strain condition in which the stress decays as the strain remains constant.  (This condition is encountered in grooved-face gasketing joints in which metal-to-metal contact occurs.  This condition is also approached in flat-face gasketing joints when the bolt is practically infinitely rigid.)

Thermoplastic  A high molecular weight polymer that softens when exposed to heat and returns to its original condition in room temperature


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